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Meet Our Ambassadors!

MES Ambassadors are individuals that are passionate about empowering women and girls living with epilepsy. Our Ambassador team acts to raise awareness for epilepsy within the general community by holding events that both educate the community regarding local epilepsy resources and help fundraise for current and future programs, e.g., MES Transportation Program. Since My Epilepsy Story does not accept pharmaceutical money or donations, we depend greatly on our Ambassador team to help us raise awareness and funds to empower women and girls living with epilepsy around the globe. Meet our hardworking team, from all over the world, here!

Meet Our Team!

Become an MES Ambassador!

Becoming an MES Ambassador is all about raising awareness for women and girls living with epilepsy. Do you or loved one suffer from seizures? If so, then this is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the epilepsy community and help enact change through advocacy, research, and education for these valiant females. We welcome women or girls with seizures, their family members, and those who have lost wives, daughters, or sisters (and more) to epilepsy. If you are interested, please contact us or donate today!

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