Coming Soon: International Women with Epilepsy Day

Coming Soon!!

We are excited to announce that March 1st is our first annual International Women with Epilepsy Day This day is to EMPOWER Women and Girls Living with Epilepsy in EVERY corner of the world.  At My Epilepsy Story (MES), we are going to ‘Bridge the Gap’ by Advocating, Researching and Educating for these young girls and women.  It is important to not only bring awareness but also to address the unique needs that females living with epilepsy have.  At MES, we believe that Together We Can begin to change the lives of millions of young women and girls living with epilepsy!  Please join with us on March 1st by showing support on social media, within your local community as well as donating to My Epilepsy Story.   I am so excited to have each of you join with me!  




Click here to download the flyer for International Women with Epilepsy Day. And please use these social media icons/banners to promote awareness for these valiant females living with epilepsy:





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