It’s Back To School Time



Yes, Folks, it’s that time of year again…so here are 10 tips to help prepare your child and yourself for the upcoming school year!


  1. Set your kids sleep schedule back ‘to school time’ two weeks before the first day so that they can get into the school routine and get plenty of sleep.
  2. Refresh you rules about screen time (T.V./computer/video gaming & cellphone) usage during school time.  Schedule the amount of time daily or weekly that they can use these electronic devises, so as not to conflict with homework and school projects.
  3. Create a study space that is a DISTRACTION FREE ZONE!
  4. Create a daily school work/study routine and don’t forget to schedule free time.  Kids need to refresh and refuel in the afternoon.
  5. Keep track of extra-curricular activities to prevent over scheduling during the school year.
  6. Discuss with your kids what they can expect during their school day so that they will feel more prepared.
  7. Have your kids prepare their backpacks and lay out their clothes the night before so that they will be ready to go the next day.
  8. Ensure that your children get a healthy high protein breakfast every morning.
  9. Have a conversation with your kids about the 5 – Back to School WORRY’S:

             * Separation Anxiety. Especially with children in grades K-3.  Be reassuring.

             * Adapting to new school or learning community.  Attend Open Houses

             * Fears about Peers.  Reinforce forming healthy friendships that are good for them.

             * Riding the bus.  Have them sit next to a sibling, friend or neighbor.

             *  Bullying. Discuss with your kids about having a plan of what to do if they encounter being


  1. Did I mention GETTING PLENTY OF SLEEP?!?!

Everyone at My Epilepsy Story, wishes you a Happy, Safe & Successful school year!


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