Spring Has Arrived

Spring DeerSpring is here, and I love it! As I sit here this evening, I am reflecting on Spring and the beauty that is beginning to bloom. I went for a hike last week with a friend over spring break. As we were walking, we could see so many things because the trees were bare. We were able to see several deer in the woods. They were beautiful just walking and then slowly looking up at us. When we looked into the woods, we could see trees that look dreary and dead. Yet, when we looked closer we could see the tiny buds that are preparing to bloom. It has taken a long time for these tiny buds to emerge. They may look like the ones from last year but they aren’t…… they are better because they are new and fresh.

In our lives, we also get the chance to rid ourselves of the old, dead and tattered things that are dragging us down. It is so hard at times to get rid of that “old comfortable” thing that we are constantly clinging to. We can choose to keep these “old and tattered” things or choose to open the window and prepare ourselves for the fresh air that is coming. We have the chance to start fresh and new with each “Spring”. I love being able to dream about the new things that Spring brings! Dreaming about the new things that are to come in our lives is also exciting. When you take that deep breath and smell the fresh air, you smell new life! It is beginning all around us……we can choose to embrace it or hold onto the old things of the past.

As you sit here reading this, take a look outside and dream of the new life that is beginning. Look at your life and see if there is anything from the past that you need to rid yourself of, so you can begin enjoying the new life that is ahead of you. For me, I am working on getting rid of the “old things” so I too can enjoy the fresh new things that are coming!

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.
~Harriet Ann Jacobs