My baby is gone……..

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”326″ align=”left” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”] I haven’t blogged about my youngest before so I wanted to share about him.  David just turned three today and I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed.  He is a beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed little boy that is full of life.  This little boy has been such a joy to my life.  He has taught me to enjoy the  stage of the toddler years.  David can be very head strong!  I feel as though I am always saying “No David”.  When he talks back or is full of energy I often think, “thank you for having a healthy boy with GREAT language skills.”  You see, when you have a child that has struggled with communication you start to appreciate it when the other children are always talking.

My sweet David smiles with his eyes.  When he looks at you with those big beautiful blue eyes you just melt!  He is so smart and I am amazed at the things he has been saying over the last year.  I often feel guilty about not giving him enough one on one time….At night I use to rock him to sleep and sing songs with him as he snuggled in my lap.  These days he gets in bed without much rocking and snuggling….It is so sad to see the baby years passing by, so tonight I rocked him again and sang songs like I did when he was a baby.  I was telling him this evening that he is a big boy and he replied, “No I not a big boy, I baby David.”  I have to say it made me smile………Happy Birthday Sweet Baby David!