I See Your Eyes Above Your Mask

I see your eyes above the mask you are wearing each day while you are at work, at the grocery store, on the bus or walking on the street. I see how tired you are of the endless fighting on social media, during this election cycle, in our government, in our places of work, with family and friends over politics and the debate on why you should wear a mask.  I see how your eyes hope for quiet and peace during this year of loud noise. I see your eyes full of fear as you worry about having a seizure or your child that has special needs.  I see your pain, stress, worry and uncertainty in your eyes.  I see you worrying about losing a family member, your job, or how you will afford to keep your home, buy food or buy your medication.  I see and hear you and you don’t have to remove your mask to say one word… I see it all through your eyes and the eyes of your co-workers, friends, children, spouses and family.

The eyes show much about a person and into their soul.  They can show happiness, sadness, fear, love, hatred and many other emotions.  Your eyes speak volumes and yet you are completely silent behind that mask. Today I want you to know you are being heard behind that mask. I find it interesting that in this year that is so loud and full of noise that we are all wearing a mask and can only see each other’s eyes.  Today I ask you to look into the eyes of the people around you and see inside their soul.  Look into their eyes with kindness, love, compassion and understanding.  This year should be teaching us to truly look into the eyes of others for the first time in many years.


Much love,