In life we make choices…..some turn out to be the worst decision and others turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to us.  As I sit back and look at decisions that I have made in my life, I sometimes wonder, was that the best decision….We do not get to have do overs in life.  We get the wonderful opportunity to take our decisions and run with them good or bad.

You see, even in our not so great decisions we can still find the good that has come from them….I am blessed to have a wonderful best friend that reminds me daily that we need to make our decisions and not second guess them.  All of my decisions have led me to the road that I am on now.  I am loving my road even though I do not know what the road looks like up ahead.  I have a map, but sometimes there are roadblocks and we have to take a detour but the beauty is that I still have a map and an exciting road to keep traveling on……. As I have learned to be more confident in my decisions, I am so thankful for my friends and family that have loved and supported me.  When we make decisions, they affect not only ourselves but our children…..As I have watched my children grow this past year, I am reminded that my confidence in my decisions are what will help them to make wise decisions in their future. They too, will have their own map and road to travel in the future and they are watching me to see how I am navigating this journey. I am loving the peace that comes with making a decision on this road knowing that I made the best choice at the time.  It is the inner peace that is settling in that reminds me that I can be a great decision maker….

As my children begin to get older, I realize that they will go to school, move out, and start a family of their own…..I hope that they will see that the decisions that I made on this journey were made in confidence and that even though some did not turn out the way I thought they would that I learned from them and have grown as a mother and woman.  I am giving them the gift of a mother that is not perfect yet happy, full of peace, joy, and love….. So as my best friend encourages me….make the decision and don’t second guess it, who knows what your future will hold in the next year, 6 years, or even 16 years……

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