Boston Bound……

Well we are headed to Boston to be a part of a research project on children that were exposed to valproate in utero.  I am excited to have Samuel participate in the important research study.  As the time is getting closer I am also needing to take a few breaths because I know that they will be testing Samuel on his cognitive and language development.  We have had testing done before but this will be on paper for us to see and share with others.  It is funny how we have avoided a lot of a “paper trail” for his testing and now we are actively seeking the “paper trail”.

As I sit and reflect on the past eight years of Samuel’s life I feel blessed by the wonderful people we have met on this journey.  Some people came into our lives for a short time, others stayed awhile, and others will be on this journey with us forever….I am so thankful for everyone who has supported us and encouraged us through this incredibly challenging and rewarding journey.   Samuel continues to leave his fingerprint on so many people’s hearts as we share him with the world…..

We are BOSTON BOUND!  I will share more once we start the research project in Boston….