Baby Cece….

It is with great sadness to say that little Cece died late last night…..This sweet little baby that I had the chance to meet for only a little while has left this earth.  As I sit here and process this I think of her parents and the longing they must have to hold their only child one more time.  I saw a picture they posted on Facebook of them laying in bed with her only moments before she drew her last breath….This horrible condition called epilepsy has destroyed another family!

I sit here with mixed emotions of sadness, anger, and some relieve that Cece is not suffering…How can we live in a country that has so many great researchers and the research funding is hardly there for epilepsy?  I believe that when people start to view epilepsy as what it is, a medical condition, then we will start to have more awareness and funding in the area of epilepsy.  When will this medical condition stop taking lives?  When will this stop affecting over 3 million people in the US and over 50 million worldwide?  In fact, when you add all the families that are affected by a loved one with this medical condition/disease the number is actually greater!

Sweet little Cece was so young at five months old to lose her life….Her parents should have never lost their young baby, their only child!  When will this end?  When will everyone realize how desperately we need a cure for epilepsy?  I pray that the time is now…..for Cece and all the other people with epilepsy out there!