Are You A Leader?

What is a leader?  Who in your life do you consider a leader?  One definition of leader is a person who rules, guides, or inspires others.  As I looked this up in the dictionary and have been reflecting on what a leader is I am reminded of the children that have been affected by epilepsy….These children are leaders without even knowing that they are leaders.  They are inspiring to watch as they go through the struggle of having epilepsy.  I look at the women that have epilepsy and are trying to juggle the day to day things in life.  I read the emails and stories from these women……they are leaders and don’t even realize it.  We need to look at our world and redefine who we think our leaders are.

There are many leaders …..teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, mothers, social workers, policeman, soldiers, etc….  Our greatest leaders are the ones who fight for the ones that cannot fight for themselves.