Women in the Workforce

As a woman living with epilepsy, it may seem impossible to get back to work or maintain a job due to your seizures or side effects from anti-seizure medication. No matter your seizure frequency or driving status, there are job options for you. My Epilepsy Story offers advice below about potential jobs that you can start from home! Remember: Sky is the Limit!


Stay at Home Jobs

  1. Freelance Writer

    If you are an aspiring writer of any level, there are boundless opportunities for freelance writing. There are also various companies that will aid you in building your skillset as well as your clientele base. Some may require an investment to launch your business, but once you’ve established yourself, you should be able to see a steady income. Best of all, you can write in your pajamas!
  2. Web Design

    Individuals with online technical skills should look no further than freelance web development and design. There are tons of companies looking for individuals with web design skills to enhance their website, social media platform, etc. Even better, most of these positions are remote!

  3. Marketing

    Marketing professionals have greater remote work opportunities than ever before. So come all bloggers, marketing consultants, strategists, and managers! There are lots of opportunities for you! Be advised, that an online technical skillset is needed beyond writing skills to be successful in this field. Have a good grasp on SEO, so that you know your content is searchable and visible online.

  4. Artist/Craftsman

    Seasoned or budding artists looking to sell their art or goods can open online stores through Shopify or Etsy, among others. These platforms have user-friendly interfaces to help create your store, even for the most web inept individual! Opening up an online store requires a small investment, but once your product starts flying off the digital shelves, you’ll have a new source of income.

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