Melissa’s Story

My epilepsy story didn’t start until 2012. At that time, I had my first seizure, but did not know it was a seizure.  About 2 weeks later, I had 2 more seizures within a few days of each other.  One was a deja vu experience and the other was a loss of time experience. Now I was starting to think something wasn’t quite right with me.  An appointment at my doctor’s came soon after and my doctor ordered an MRI.

The MRI results showed I have a lesion. I continued to have seizures, auras, and episodes.  My neurologist started me on medicines, then more medicines, and different medicines.

Brain surgery came up as an option after it became clear that medicines were not controlling my seizures.  My doctor wanted to know if all the seizures were coming from the same place. So I was admitted to be taken off all my medicines.  In the hospital, I had 4 grand mal seizures. Up until that point my seizures had been ones that I was frozen or ones where I lost time.  Eventually my neurologist told me that I should go see another doctor that he knew. He shared that this neurologist was great and also worked closely with a neurosurgeon.

After working with my new doctor and trying different medicines, we decided that the best route to take was brain surgery.  On February 25, 2014 I had brain surgery to remove my lesion.  

My neurologist was right.  This was the best decision for me.  Since having surgery, I have fewer problems now.  

Yes, I have epilepsy.  My seizures are simple and complex partial seizures, but epilepsy doesn’t stop me from doing things in life!  I am a passionate educator. I am a wife and a mom of 3 children. Just recently, I had a new title added to my resume, Mimi. 

I am a leader in my building holding several positions throughout the years in some leader capacity.  I cannot and will not sit back and let life pass me by!