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Hello friends! I hope 2018 is treating you to lots of health and happiness so far. In my last post I discussed the importance of exercise for everyone, but especially for those of you with epilepsy (“regular exercise, even as little as walking 2 times per week, provides health benefits including reduction of seizures”). I also introduced the option of exercising at home. Believe it or not, exercising at home can be just as beneficial as hitting the gym. Not to mention it’s probably less intimidating for you too.

So you chatted with your doctor and they feel you’re safe to begin an exercise program…. now what? A few ideas i mentioned before included walking outside in your neighborhood or going for a bike ride with a friend (Spring is here & the weather is almost perfect for outdoor exercise).  But there are a lot of things your can do inside too. And I want to share two of my go-to resources for indoor workouts.

If you’re a smart phone junkie, one of my favorite workout apps is SWORKIT. This free app guides you with workout videos geared towards improving your fitness in three main areas: cardio, strength & flexibility. You choose the workout type, your fitness level, & how much time you have. Then the app complies a workout for you! The exercises are very safe- the American College of Sports Medicine voted this app #1 on instructional exercise standards. And this is an app I recommend to all of my beginning exercisers, but of course, always listen to your body & take rest breaks or stop an exercise if you’re not feeling well.

Another resource I love to use is a fitness website called PopSugar Fitness. They have lots of fun & interesting workout videos, and while not all of them may be suitable for beginners, one of my favorite workout videos is their  Couch Workout! You literally use your couch for all 10 exercises!  Watch the workout first, then give it a try!  https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Couch-Workout-35641978

Still have questions? No worries! Just send an email & I’d be happy to share more tips & resources!

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