Exercise During the Holidays

Happy holidays friends!

I hope this finds you well, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. I imagine, like me, you are diligently preparing for some amazing time with friends & family to celebrate this wonderful time of year.  Cleaning, cooking, decorating, shopping, traffic, parties & school programs, traveling… things can get really crazy very quickly. And that kind of stress can be hard on anyone, let alone someone with a neurological disorder. In an article from medicalnewstoday.com they state, “it’s well know that stress can increase the frequency & severity of seizures for patients with epilepsy”.

Christmas is Coming

So we know the holidays are coming- there’s nothing we can do about that. But the way in which we handle the holidays & everything that goes along with them, is what’s really important to your health. My #1 recommendation for keeping it together during the holidays: EXERCISE of course! I’ve discussed the benefits of exercise for people with epilepsy in previous posts. But if you still have questions, check out all the info on the benefits of exercise on the Mayo Clinic’s website (see below). “Exercise controls weight, combats various health conditions, improves mood, increases energy, promotes sleep…” just to name a few.

Stick With Your Routine

Holiday weight gain, holiday stress, & seasonal depression are real issues that many people face this time of year. But something as simple as taking a walk with family a couple of times a week, or blocking off 20 minutes to do your favorite workout video can make a big difference in your holiday health. And if you already have an exercise routine, stick with it! Our bodies thrive when our lives have structure & follow a daily routine. Not to mention, you’re less likely to have a seizure too.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

One thing I want to leave you with is this: the holidays are supposed to be a special time for us to celebrate & be thankful. To often we get caught up the holiday hustle & bustle &, life can get really crazy. Exercise is  a great way to help you deal with stress, release some “feel good” hormones, & even reduce the chance of you having a seizure. But if you’re still feeling heavy during the season (physically or emotionally), talk to someone about it! You are not alone in feeling this way. Call or video chat with a trusted friend or family member, your doctor, or a counseling line. Sometimes just getting things off your chest & out in the open can also make you feel a lot better.

Happy holidays friends! Be well, stay well & I’ll see you again next year!

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**To talk with someone free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week visit http://samaritansnyc.org/calling-the-hotline/ or call (212) 673-3000

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