Getting Better Sleep

In order to thrive we need lots of beauty sleep. Getting better sleep allows our bodies to process our day’s experiences, recharge, and prepare for the next adventure!

Here are some MES TIPS!

1. Create a sanctuary for sleep. 

Make your bedroom your sanctuary.  Find bedding that is soft and comfortable as well as beautiful and inviting.  When decorating your bedroom eliminate clutter and choose earthy colors that ground the room.  If you are able, add fresh flowers to your room to make it beautiful and inviting. Your body and your brain need a peaceful place to wind down for the day.  Banish your electronics from the bedroom, as well as keeping work out of the room, use warm, low lighting. Introduce a relaxing scent, like a fragrant candle or linen spray.  Remember you need to have peace, serenity, and calm in your bedroom.

2. Establish a nightly ritual.

A consistent, relaxing routine can help cue your brain for sleep.  We suggest listening to relaxing music or reading.  Eliminating caffeine from your diet can be extremely useful as well.  Find a unique routine that works for you and repeat it every night, at home or away.  Take a shower before bed and use a gentle scrub to wash off the day, and then rub your lotion or body oil in your hands and take a few deep breaths before moisturizing.  We love and recommend Noodle & Boo products as they have amazing products for women as well as their children.  The secret is finding the perfect nightly routine that works for you.  If you are still struggling with sleep issues speak to your neurologists about this.

3. Choose the right bed.

A good bed is truly the foundation of good sleep.  Do your research on the best mattress and pillows for your budget. Ensure that your neck and back are supported so that your body can recharge with the most ease and comfort.

4. Keep it cool.

Find pajamas that keep you cool throughout the evening.  We love and recommend Petite Plume Luxury Sleepwear as they have different styles for each season and for the entire family.  We’re big believers in sleeping with fresh air so, if weather permitting, we recommend cracking the windows all year long. Keeping your room temperature cool can help you sleep more soundly.