MES Ambassador Program

MES Ambassador Program 


My Epilepsy Story (MES) is excited to announce we are accepting applications for our Ambassador Program.  This program will have MES Ambassadors from all across the country that join with us to EMPOWER women and girls living with epilepsy and to represent My Epilepsy Story.

To apply for our ambassador program you will need to be a:

  • Woman living with epilepsy
  • Girl living with epilepsy
  • Parent of a daughter living with epilepsy
  • Spouse of a woman living with epilepsy
  • Child of a woman living with epilepsy
  • Family member of a woman or girl that has passed away from epilepsy
  • Medical Professional that provides care for women and girls living with epilepsy

We are looking for people that are:

  • Passionate about epilepsy
  • Passionate about Women’s Health
  • Passionate about EMPOWERING Women and Girls Living with Epilepsy
  • Passionate about sharing their “My Epilepsy Story”
  • Passionate about sharing how epilepsy has impacted their lives and the lives of their loved ones
  • Passionate about teaching others that Together We Can change Epilepsy
  • Passionate about Advocating for others
  • Passionate about Research in Women and Girls Health in Epilepsy
  • Passionate about Educating others about Epilepsy


To apply please click here and go to our MES Ambassador Page