Which Path Do I Take?

ponderWhich path do I take? Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to decide which way to go? Do I take this job? Do I move? Do I stay in this relationship? Do I try this new medication? Do I switch doctors? Do I make the decision to have half of my child’s brain removed to stop the seizures? Do I take a leap into the unknown…….

In life we have choices to make. Some of them are very easy and others are so hard that it makes us feel as though our world is going to stop at any moment. We feel overwhelmed with these decisions. We start thinking of all the good and then the bad that will come from the choice that we make. And then the “What Ifs” begin to creep in…..

Personally, I am in the decision making mode, I understand all these feelings….I can go on and on about how I wish I could have a “do over” for some of my choices. The reality is that we cannot….We need to look at where we are and move forward. I really think that when we are perseverating on this decision over and over it is because of fear. What is it that we fear? Failure, Rejection, the unknown, etc… Or is it that we don’t trust ourselves and have the confidence in ourselves?

When I look back at one decision in my life, to take my seizure medication while pregnant with Samuel, I so wish I was more informed….However, if things were different I wouldn’t have him and we wouldn’t have a “My Epilepsy Story”. I will take that decision and own it! I will take the “bad” that came from it and focus on the “good” that is to come from it! So as I sit here pondering my decisions for the future, I will not make them out of fear but out of confidence. As you sit down to ponder your decision think of this song that I just heard from THE TENORS, “LEAD WITH YOUR HEART”. Sit down and play this song. Really listen to the words and give me your thoughts…….

One thought on “Which Path Do I Take?

  1. Janie Wells says:

    Powerful post Brandy. Love to you and all that are sharing with this world so full of confusion and disbelief in the positive that can come out of any circumstance in one’s journey here on earth. You are proof that love always overcomes doubt.

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