Time to focus….

Well I am making my list of things to get done…..Time to start picking back up on the My Epilepsy Story organization.  I have had a lot going on personally but things are settling down so now it is time to get focused on the My Epilepsy Story. I am so excited to see what these next few months will hold….If you have sent me your story and it has not been posted please show me MERCY!  I am searching for someone to update our website so keep your fingers crossed!  Trying to get things organized so I can attend the big SUDEP meeting in Chicago at the end of the month.  We will see if I can get everything worked out to attend, if not there is always next year.

I was able to speak with a few neurologist the last couple of days and it just makes me want to get things moving for woman’s health in epilepsy. I have been fortunate to be able to connect with some great doctors that have a passion in woman’s health.  They allow me to ask tons of questions and push me to move further with my mission.  So thankful for them!  Thank you to everyone that has encouraged me over the past month while I have been in crisis mode.  Thank you to everyone who has stayed on me with phone calls and emails about the My Epilepsy Story.  I look forward to the next year, 6 years, and 16 years…..