Sweet Cece

Last night I had the chance to meet sweet Cece…This sweet little baby suffers from epilepsy.  Last night as I stood at the foot of her crib at the hospital and met her parents, my eyes seemed to keep focusing on her.  As I listened to her mother tell of what Cece has been going through since she was born, my heart began to ache…I stood there with complete strangers only to tell them I am here for you.  As I stood there we talked about my medication, I felt sick to say that I am only taking one medicine….When they asked about my epilepsy I told them I have only had two episodes of seizures.  I felt like I wanted to give them some sort of hope that maybe the doctors would find the right medicine for Cece and maybe Cece would be standing at someone else’s crib one day offering another parent hope.  I kept trying to focus on her mother’s eyes as we talked but I was so drawn to this sweet angel laying in the crib….

As I left their room my heart began to race, knowing they were in for such a long night again at the hospital.  I stood outside the PICU and thought when is this going to end for all these families….When will we find the answers for epilepsy….We need to focus on cutting edge things and ideas to find a cure for epilepsy!  My heart aches for Cece and her family…My mind tells me to keep fighting for them….

This evening I am praying for Cece………