The Strength of a Movement: Her Epilepsy Story

When I initially started my senior project, I knew that I wanted to combine my interests of psychology/science and dance to create a piece. I didn’t have any clue as to what that piece would consist of. I was interested in a procedure we had studied a while ago in AP Psych, the corpus callosotomy, which lead me to more research on the topic of epilepsy. I was lucky enough to stumble upon My Epilepsy Story, which inspired me to create a narrative of women’s experiences with epilepsy as my music. However, as soon as I called Brandy, and she was so generous to offer her story, and I knew that I wanted her voice to be the guide to my project. My project blossomed into exploring the influence storytelling itself can have on an audience, inspired from the way My Epilepsy Story‘s mission is to encourage individual narratives to support their cause. Learning about Brandy and My Epilepsy Story was truly so inspiring and such an amazing part of my last assignment in high school!  I hope you enjoy my senior presentation.  Please watch my presentation in the link below and share with others.

 Olivia’s Senior Project Recital