Shelter From the Storm

Epilepsy is often described as a lightening storm in the brain.  For women and girls living with epilepsy,  seizures are not the only thing that impact their lives. Having a roof over their heads and financial security impacts their day to day lives as well.  Finding a place to live that is affordable so that you can pay for daily anti-seizure medications is often very difficult. No woman or parent of a daughter living with epilepsy should ever have to decide between daily anti-seizure medications or affording a roof over their head.  If they do own a home, the cost of unexpected repairs can place them in the difficult position of deciding to repair their roof or purchase their medication.  At My Epilepsy Story (MES), we do not take any pharmaceutical funding and believe that we can EMPOWER females living with epilepsy by partnering with companies that want to make an impact in their community.  We are proud to announce our partnership with Blue Raider Contracting located in Tennessee and Kentucky.