Quiet Noise…..

I spent this past weekend away trying to escape from the reality of life.  It is funny how when you go to find a quiet place to retreat to, that “quiet place” is really full of noise…..As I sat listening to the “quiet”  all I heard was noise….The endless questions of why things had happened the way they did, what could I have done to change the situation, and what was I to do from this point forward?

During my weekend getaway I was close to a college campus that I love, so I visited the campus bookstore.  While walking through the bookstore I came across this intriguing book called “Payment for Passage” by Janie Wells.  This book was a story of renewal and transformation…..This book was just what I needed.  The book allows you to see how Janie turned tragedy into a time of reflection and finding herself.  One of the many things that I loved from the book was, “Worry is living a painful future ahead of time; Resentment is living a painful past as if it is happening all over again.”  I also loved this, ” One of the key things to life is living in the moment.”  and another, ” ….to survive the ordeal and live a painfully changed but productive life.” and another, “Are you glad that you experienced the greatest love of all, or do you wish that Joann had never been born?”

This book has helped me on this journey of healing…

“Would I become a woman of faith or fear?  As a woman of faith, I knew I had to believe in something beyond my touch and experience.  As a woman of fear, I would always live life on the edge of madness since fear reaches out and destroys.

There is a perfect moment for divine intervention and for the soul to speak.  That is the moment in time between a painful event and no decision for the future yet.  The decision was immediate: I vowed to be a woman of faith.   I knew that I would get lost at times since I had never traveled this path.  I also knew I would experience periods of surrender and acceptance as I worked through my worst fears.  The hope that healing was possible carried me past my fear of the unknown as I watched them place my daughter’s once vibrant body in the ground.  It is amazing how life forces soared into action with my single decision that day.”  ~Janie Wells, “Payment for Passage”

I am blessed to have worked through some things this past weekend and found a piece of myself….I will post pictures of this weekend so you can see the beauty that I experienced……I have found my perfect “Quiet Place”…..Have you found yours?