Ohio State University & MES Partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with The Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center to EMPOWER women and girls living with epilepsy in 2021.

Their center includes physicians, whom are board certified in epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, or both, full-time EEG technologists, a dedicated epilepsy nurse practitioner, and a pharmacist specializing in epilepsy drug treatments.

Ohio State is designated a level 4 epilepsy center, the highest rating of the National Association of Epilepsy Centers, for the advanced level of medical and surgical epilepsy care.  OSU has a state-of-the-art, eight-bed Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, which allows their team to closely evaluate episodes of loss of consciousness or diagnostically challenging seizures to pinpoint areas of the brain where the seizures originate and potentially reveal surgical solutions. The center also regularly participates in multicenter clinical trials of new medications and other therapies.

Diagnostic tests available at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center include electroencephalogram (EEG), continuous video-EEG monitoring (V-EEG), functional MRI (fMRI), ictal SPECT, interictal PET, and intracranial monitoring with depth electrodes and cortical electrode grids. Other clinical interventions include vagal nerve stimulators, deep brain stimulation, temporal lobectomies,  extratemporal lesionectomies, and ketogenic and modified Atkins diets.

My Epilepsy Story (MES) looks forward to this groundbreaking partnership to EMPOWER thousands of women living with epilepsy, their children as well as their families in Ohio and in the surrounding areas.