Lately I have been blessed to meet some wonderful mothers that give me inspiration. As I sit and listen to these mothers talk about their children and the challenges they continue to face living with epilepsy, I am inspired…. These mothers give of themselves tirelessly everyday to make sure their children continue to progress in whatever way they can. They encourage their children through every seizure and every setback. They rejoice with them when they do not have a seizure and look forward to being seizure free one day.

I feel connected with these mothers even though my son doesn’t have epilepsy. Samuel faces some of the same challenges as their children because my seizure medication has affected him developmental, the way their seizure medication affects them developmentally. As mothers we are all wanting them to continue to progress….we fight for our children and look for every small thing to be thankful for.

My mother and I do not have a good relationship so I have struggled with how do I make sure I am a good mother to my children. From the moment I had my first seizure at 15, she didn’t think I would really be able to do anything. She has always looked at me as something was wrong because I have epilepsy mother just told my husband the other day that I am weak and a quitter….