A mosaic is something that resembles a picture or decoration that is made up of diverse elements. These broken pieces are what makes a mosaic beautiful.   In our brokenness of living with epilepsy we have shattered dreams. These shattered dreams might be of a child impacted by seizures, infertility from epilepsy, loss of a wife or mother from SUDEP, a little boy cognitively impacted by his mother’s anti-seizure medication, the depression of epilepsy, the fear of epilepsy, or so many other things…..


As I sit and write this blog post I think of each of the stories that I hear from women in every corner of the world that are living with or are impacted by epilepsy. We are trying to hold it all together and we are trying to be strong. Yet, we are failing inside because we cannot seem to get this storm to end. We are tired of fighting alone and we think there is no one else out there that understands us….. Our world seems to be falling apart but I am here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Your world is not falling apart but it is falling into place. Just remember not one of your tears is being wasted and we will all understand in time that we are here to help and hold each other through this journey. We have to let go of the fear and share with others because maybe we are just meant to be “BROKEN TOGETHER”.   So to my sweet friend that has epilepsy and is trying to manage caring for her baby while having a broken ankle, to my friend that just lost her precious daughter, to the woman that fears when the next seizure will come, to girl that thinks that no one will love her now that she has epilepsy, to the woman that is depressed because the seizures won’t stop, to the woman that is fighting with the insurance company to cover her anti-seizure medication, to the woman who is struggling to have a baby, to the woman that cannot come to grips with the fact that her daughter has epilepsy, to my friend and mentor that lost his daughter to epilepsy, to the girl that is embarrassed because she had another seizure at school, to the husband that worries if his wife will die from epilepsy, and to all the others impacted by epilepsy…. Please bring your shattered dreams and I will bring mine and we can be ‘Broken Together’ to make this Mosaic.   The only way we will change things and not be alone is by being TOGETHER.


I wanted to share with you our new video for the My Epilepsy Story organization. We just entered it into the American Academy of Neurology 2016 Neuro Film Festival.

This was hard to film but a must so that others will share their shattered dreams. The only way we will make it through is to be broken together and be apart of this Mosaic. I want to tell my husband, thank you for picking up my broken pieces, allowing me to be tired of fighting, encouraging me, and just holding me on this journey. I look forward to the next 6 months, 6 years, 26 years and beyond with you each one of you.