Meet Betty, An Ohio State Employee Living with Epilepsy

My Epilepsy Story (MES) is partnering with The Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center (OSU) to EMPOWER Women and Girls Living with Epilepsy this year.  OSU is contributing to some of our Transportation Program and Educational materials this year.  Today we are spotlighting Betty, an OSU employee and woman living with epilepsy, that is in our Transportation Program.   Betty is an amazing artist and loves helping others.


Here is our Executive Director, Brandy Parker-McFadden’s interview with Betty:


Brandy:  Betty, Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today!  We are so thankful for you and sharing your story with us!

Betty:  You are welcome!

Brandy:  How long have you had epilepsy?

Betty:  Since I was 2 years old and it can be hard at times.

Brandy:  What has been hard about having epilepsy?

Betty:  I have a hard time with memorizing things.  I always felt like I couldn’t do things like other people but now I know I can. I just have to work hard and others have encouraged me to let me know that I can do anything but it may take me longer, but I will get there!  Sometimes people aren’t nice but I think of all the people that have helped me and I am thankful for them! 

Brandy:  How long have you been in our Transportation Program?

Betty:  This is my second year in the program.

Brandy:  What do you like about being in the program and how has it helped you?

Betty:  I can’t drive because of my seizures so the Transportation Program helps me get around town.  I get to go to work at OSU, I don’t feel stuck at home, and it gives me independence!  I don’t feel like I am a burden to others because I can go to the grocery store, the doctors, work, to see my family/friends and church without having to make others pick me up. 

Brandy:  What do you like about working at OSU?

Betty:  I get to help other people by greeting them and making them feel more comfortable.

Brandy:  What else would you like to do at OSU?

Betty:  I hope to move into a different area of OSU to help more patients when they come to the doctor or the hospital because it feels good to help others at OSU. 

Brandy:  What do you like to do for fun or when you have extra free time? 

Betty:  I love doing art!  I paint and draw a lot!  Here is some of my artwork.  I have been doing more African Art lately.  I hope you like them!

Brandy:  WOW Betty!  These are amazing!  I love your art and how you love helping others in your community.  We love having you involved in the ‘My Epilepsy Story’ community and we have all learned so much from you over the past three years!  Thank you again for sharing with us today.

Betty:  Thank you for helping me and letting me show you some of my artwork!


Artwork by Betty
Artwork by Betty
Artwork by Betty
Artwork by Betty
Artwork by Betty









Betty is an Artist, OSU Employee and woman living with epilepsy