Don’t you just hate being in limbo?  What does that actually mean, you might ask…..well one definition is prolonged uncertainty.  I hate the uncertainty of things!  When you think you have life figured out here comes the limbo part….UGH!!  Is this teaching us to work on things in ourselves so that we may leave this state of limbo or are we not willing to move ourselves out of this limbo state?

Life is so full of uncertainty…we want to plan so many things but we cannot. Life throws us curve balls all the time.  Whether someone is having a seizure, a child dies, loss of a job, loss of a spouse, a child is hurt, loss of a parent, etc….. We can choose to focus on that rainbow that comes after the hurricane or sit in dwell in our situation.  In the past,  I have often dwelled on the situation instead of looking up at that beautiful rainbow.  The past few months I have been blessed to start seeing the rainbow.  You know when you start to see the beautiful colors of the endless rainbow it is amazing….In our lives we have endless possibilities.  It doesn’t matter what the uncertainty is in our lives, the rainbow shows us the endless possibilities.  I have found a new love for the uncertainty in my life.  It is an adventure to see what my life will be like in 1 year, 6 years, 16 years……What will I have learned through this journey?  Will I have learned to soak up every moment possible because life is too short?  Will I have taught my children that you need to stop and enjoy where you are?  I hope that regardless of where you are in life and your circumstances, that you too stop to enjoy the moment.  Don’t focus on the limbo yet choose to focus on that rainbow….You see that limbo time we are in, is a special time as well.  It is a growing process for us. If you can’t drive because of seizures or have lost your job read a book,volunteer your time, spend time with your family.  If you have lost your spouse or child, do what my friend is doing and share your story because this helps you keep a piece of them with you.  If your child is hurt, soak up every moment you can with them because they will heal and want to go their own way….Focus on that rainbow, the now and the future are full of possibilities….

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  1. Heather Erickson says:

    Love this one it's so true for so many people. Limbo…… the place we hate to be….but to get to the other side we must trudge thru it. God Bless you Brandy.

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