brandy-brandy-0007The past few days have been hard as I reflect on the tragic loss in Newtown, Ct. I have held my three children closer these past few days. When Hannah Kate was getting out of the car at school this morning, I kissed her one extra time before she ran off to see her kindergarten teacher. As I dropped the boys off, I hugged them extra hard before getting back into the car.

In this world, we want justice for the wrong that has been done to our children. When your child is harmed physically or emotionally there are feelings of pain, anger, guilt, sickness, sadness, utter disbelief, and so many more…..As a parent whose child has been harmed by another child, I can tell you it is an emotional roller coaster. One day your world is rocked to the core……You cannot even comprehend what has been told to you. Your child was hurt…..and then you begin to fade in and out as you try to grasp the reality of your new world. For some parents, their children live with physical or emotional scars and other parents lose their precious little ones way to early. Where is the justice for children that are harmed in this world? I know that as time goes on, I can only hold on to the fact that children that are harmed physically, emotionally, or even worse killed will have their stories told so that JUSTICE will prevail in the end. Justice will be served, yet I fully understand that justice will look different in each individual case. Hold on and have faith that our “American System” will not fail us in the end.

2 thoughts on “Justice……

  1. Jill says:

    The loss of these children is indeed sad. The hurt that children inflict on other children is also sad. Our “American System” will fail us in the end because it is imperfect and is “run” by imperfect people. We should not have faith in the “American System”, but faith alone in GOD. He is our creator; He is perfect; He does have a perfect system and a perfect plan. These children who died did not die too early. Our God has our days numbered. They died at their appointed time, just as you and I will. The way that they died was at the sin of man, not the injustice of God.

  2. Penny Howard says:

    Jill: Agreed. The “American System” has too much control. We have the illusion of freedom. If you only live by one thought it should be…”Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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