Is he special needs?

This past week has been very busy.  When I went to exercise at the gym for the first time I was excited.  The kids were all ready to go and were ready to meet new people.  As I dropped them off at their classes David (2) was a little unsure but decided to give it a try.  Hannah Kate was ready to go chat with new people, I wonder where she gets this from 🙂  Samuel was the next one to be dropped off.  He was so excited because he brought a book about all the planets and space.  He kept saying he was going to show it to the kids and play at the ping pong table with the big kids.  Everyone was set and I got to go workout to burn those calories!

When I returned to pick everyone up Hannah Kate and David seemed to have fun. I went to get Samuel and this is when the fun really began…. I asked how he did and the lady said “Is he special needs?”  I can’t even imagine what the look was on my face at that moment!  I said why and she told me how all he talked about was the solar system and walked around the room.  As I stood there watching my son at the ping pong table playing by himself my heart sank….. I said he has a language disorder.  She said well all he talked about was the planets and the solar system.  I said well he does have a book with him about that.  The thoughts that entered my mind were so not good at that moment…. If she thought he was “special needs” why wasn’t someone playing ping pong with him, why weren’t you talking about the planets with him, etc….  I could go on and on…. My head was spinning with so many thoughts.  I wanted to say “It is MY FAULT, I took that damn medicine!”  She didn’t know me or Samuel from anyone and I thought well this is why we need to speak out more…  I decided to talk to the management about this and began talking about epilepsy.  I told them of our story….  I did talk about how things were handled and how they could improve with this situation.

Why is it when someone is different people say “are they special needs”?  Why can’t we all be viewed as  equal and looked at as what our strengths are instead of our weakness… When are we going to start realizing that everyone has strengths even the ones that are “special needs”?  I CANNOT STAND when  people say “SPECIAL NEEDS”, we all have special needs whether it is with language, physical, emotional, etc…. Lets all start looking at everyone as “Man they sure are good at…..”