If You Were Brave……

braveRecently I had written about Janie Wells , an author who has written the book “Payment for Passage“. I have read and reread this book many times over the past few months. Janie shares her story of losing her daughter, Joann, after being attacked and murdered. This book is a MUST read for everyone! When I am struggling over decisions and choices that I have made, I pick this book up and read it over again. So I had my moment of needing to be reminded of the things that Janie and Joann had written….I went to my room and could not find the book! I think I ran from room to room searching and thinking where did I put that book. After searching for a day or two with no luck I emailed Janie asking to buy another copy. She emailed back asking for my address and said she would send me another book.

Well today the book arrived…..With a note from Janie written inside….she ended the note by saying that the bookmark enclosed with the book was Joann’s favorite bookmark. Tears began to fall as I held this bookmark that once belonged to this precious woman, whose life was cut short as she was making a imprint on this world…….Also, enclosed was a CD single by Jana Stanfield, with the song “If I Were Brave”……On the back cover Jana wrote these words…..

“The important thing is not the meaning of life, but the living of life. Whatever you’re pondering, don’t sit alone in your cave waiting on the answers. Take the first small steps and you will discover them. What would you do if you knew that you could not fail? ”

As I begin to sit down and reread Janie’s book this evening……I leave you with this from Janie’s book,

“What a tragedy if fear keeps you from being yourself on earth….and as a result you do not truly exist. Being in the moment and emotionally present throughout your journey determines whether you are killing time or living a rewarding life.”
-Janie Wells

Be yourself and not afraid to show who you are….Your journey is a great journey. Your story will not be my story, but your story is a great story so share it with others. I look forward to seeing how our stories have touched others in the next year, six years, 16 years, 26 years, and beyond……..