Holding on too tight…..

I have arrived in Atlanta this evening for some meetings with doctors at Emory University and to meet with some people from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  I am excited about tomorrow and Tuesday with the upcoming meetings, yet I have left my loved ones at home…..  As I sit here and begin to prepare for the meetings I have come to realize that I have been holding on too tight to the ones that I love…… When we hold on too tight we cannot live and allow them to live.  We need to be able to let go and allow them to fly.  At times it is so hard to let go because I want to keep our lives a certain way but then I realize that I cannot… There will be times of uncertainty and that is part of this growing process.

The opportunities that are ahead are great for epilepsy… I have come to realize that to share our story means that I will have to allow myself the freedom to let go.  At times, that is hard but it is what is needed….. My passion for epilepsy awareness, a cure, the full affects of antiepileptic medications, and woman’s health related to epilepsy are what drives me.  My heart is full of passion in this area and for my loves ones.  I have come to realize that my passion doesn’t have to be put down, just balanced.  It makes me who I am and allows my loved ones to see me doing what I love.  This teaches them to give it your all and make an impact on our world.  My heartache has turned into passion and my passion will help change the world with others like me… So find your passion, stop holding on too tight and change the world!