Goodbye Horrible, Hello Wonderful…..

My Epilepsy Story LogoWell as I sit and reflect on 2012, I am full of emotions….I have experienced the best and worst times……I found my calling and that is to share about living with epilepsy to help others and change the world. There was a time where I felt that “Epilepsy” had stolen my dreams and my future yet I now see that “Epilepsy” has changed my future in some ways for the better.

Now that I have Samuel, I see things from a different view…..He has taught me to look at things that most people wouldn’t think twice about. He challenges me everyday to keep pushing to change the way this world views people that are “different”. When people meet him, they can’t help but love him….His innocence is refreshing….His view on how the world is black and white without grey intrigues me. Samuel has learned to laugh at jokes and now engages in conversations with others on topics that he might not be interested in. For a child that is on the Autism Spectrum, this can be very hard. He has a memory like no other……This is WONDERFUL when he needs to memorize for school yet it is DEVASTATING when he has been hurt because he remembers every detail like it just happened. So I sit and think about what this year has brought for our family, it has brought us the greatest achievements and greatest heartaches. Samuel has had the best and worst year of his life…..As his mother, I cheer for him and cry with him…..I see the progress, regression, progress, and regression that has happened over this year to my sweet boy. Yet , Samuel will change this world with his story and his story is an amazing one. This little nine year old boy is overcoming so many challenges. I am so proud of him.

My beautiful daughter, has blossomed into a confident 5 year old. She attends an amazing school with a teacher, Erin, who is WONDERFUL! Hannah Kate loves her teacher and principal so much. They have loved on my beautiful, intelligent daughter and taught her so many great things since August. Hannah Kate is so loving and compassionate with her brothers. She is always trying to help….When Samuel is struggling with something, Hannah Kate is always helping him and telling him he can do it. She makes me look at the future and to dream BIG! I know she will do anything she wants in life…She has compassion, a heart that is full of love for others, and she sees everyone as being equal. It makes my heart melt to see her sense of confidence and I pray that she continues in that path as the gets older. She tells me how she is going to help people with epilepsy and tell people about epilepsy like I do…That just makes me smile!

My little David, is not so little anymore…..I was just looking at a picture of us from Easter and was just saying how much David has grown…Where does the time go? He still LOVES to be carried but he informed us that “I not a baby, I’m a BABY MAN!” Oh my goodness…..Our “Baby Man” is the one that makes us smile even in the worst of situations. He has made those HORRIBLE days, bearable….David smiles with his eyes….His laugh is contagious……His hugs are refreshing…..His temper-tantrums, at times are cute. He is SMART and very BUSY!!!

The My Epilepsy Story is going to be GREAT in 2013! The hard work is paying off….there are still lots of things to be done but so much has been accomplished. As I think of this year, I am thankful to my family and friends that have supported me and encouraged me through this rough year. We will continue to share about the wonderful and exciting things that have happened as well as the things that are to come. We will continue to share the ups and downs because in those down times it is where we learn what we are made of and who we are to become…..2012 has been great but also horrible…I am looking forward saying goodbye to the horrible and hello to all the WONDERFUL! I have learned a lot in 2012 and one thing I learned was that “Epilepsy” didn’t steal my future it has helped me find my passion for the future…..I am looking forward to the next year, 6 years, 16 years, 26 years and beyond……