Enjoying the moment….

This has been a very stressful week personally.  As I sit here this evening, I am enjoying the moments that I have had with my three beautiful children.  I hear the laughter upstairs as they play together and think I am so blessed to have them.  Samuel has had another set back today which has brought me to tears, but this evening as I hear him laughing I begin to smile…..

At times, I begin to sink back into the mode of the blame game and guilt of taking the seizure medication while I was pregnant.  As I sit in my “self-pity” mode for a bit, I think get over it and make a difference!  I guess it helps me to get ideas of the changes that can be made in the area of epilepsy. We can choose to look back or look forward…..so today I had some look back moments and now it is look forward.  I mean seriously, do I really need to sit in “self-pity” mode?  One of my favorite blogging and epilepsy advocates is Christy Shake.  Her sweet Calvin has epilepsy.  I love Christy’s honesty and straight forwardness when she blogs!  She is such a wonderful example for me to look to as I read her blogs daily!  Check out her blog at www.calvinsstory.com

All this to say that I am sitting here this evening and enjoying the moment….. the laughter of three beautiful children.  I sure do miss the baby stages….So this evening if you have children sit down and listen to them, read them a story, soak up that baby smell, give them one more kiss…..these times pass so quickly.