CONGRATULATIONS Ladies! We did it!!!

Women living with epilepsy CONGRATULATIONS most of us have been successful…. we have sent the message to our daughters that you keep secrets. We have taught them that it is okay to live in silence and shame. We have shown them by our actions that we do not tell others that we live with epilepsy or have seizures. We stand silent when others talk about epilepsy and the ones that are severely impacted by their epilepsy because we do not want to be associated as having that type of epilepsy.  We stay hidden behind our computers searching for answers for our epilepsy and in private Facebook groups.   We tell our daughters not to tell anyone that we have seizures or epilepsy for fear others will judge us.  We justify it by saying we don’t want others to judge our children or we don’t want their photos being attached to anything having to do with epilepsy.  We can try to justify our silence, but the reality is that we have been successful at teaching them to be silent and ashamed.  It’s just an illusion… at any moment we can all move into the category of people that have that “type of epilepsy”  You know the one I am talking about… The one where people are intellectually disabled due to the seizures having wreaked havoc on their brains.

The sad truth is that if we continue on this path then NOTHING will change for women and girls living with epilepsy and the future generations of females.  We have been taught that women and girls need to be the quiet, silent and polite sex. Which I must admit is mindboggling to me.  Why do we have to be quiet when we are not getting the best healthcare for ourselves or daughters?  Is it if we are outspoken then we are considered to be the “crazy woman”?  NO, we are not crazy for expecting the best healthcare for all females.  We deserve to be educated on our healthcare and not have to hide behind a computer screen to seek the answers we need for ourselves or our daughters!   Women need to stand up and say “I have epilepsy and I want answers!  I want more research in women’s health in epilepsy and I want a CURE! And frankly, I don’t have any more time to waste!”  Your legacy to your daughters and other young women needs to be WE STAND TOGETHER and say I have epilepsy and I am here to speak for myself and for the other women and girls that cannot speak for themselves.  We need to say, “I am 1 in 26 and I will not be silent any longer.” This goes beyond Epilepsy Awareness Month.  I mean let’s be honest… Who is paying attention?  It’s November and people are busy with elections, and preparing for the holidays… I don’t know about you ladies, but I know I take my epilepsy medication every day of the year this is an EVERYDAY conversation and WE are never promised tomorrow…this is Our Time, Our Season, Our Year, TODAY IS OUR DAY!