Come on people…….

Well this has been an interesting time over the last few weeks.  As I sat in one of Samuel’s classes this week (it was the first day) there were two other moms in the room.  When I walked in, the teacher stopped teaching and asked if Samuel was my son.  I said “oh yes, he’s mine”.  She then said “Is he autistic?”  I very quickly replied “No he has a language disorder and that is not polite to ask in front of everyone.”  Come on people….What is wrong with everyone that they have to focus how someone is “different” and point it out in very rude ways!

I am beginning to realize that we have had LOTS of teaching moments with people in regards to Samuel.  I have to admit that I am growing a little tired of Samuel being the “teaching case”……. Yet, this makes me press on further and gives us many opportunities to share about our story.  I met someone not too long ago that shared her story of how she lost two of her babies to a genetic disorder.  One of the things that she shared was that if she has to endure the pain and loss she didn’t want it to be for nothing…. She also shared how she brought her baby with her everywhere knowing that the baby wasn’t going to live for long.  She wanted everyone to know how special her baby was….. As I sat there listening to her story, tears were flowing when she said this….that is how I feel about Samuel but I have gone through a period of time lately where the “mother bear” in me was kicking in.  Her story reminded me of how I needed to share Samuel with the world even though people are going to be cruel and thoughtless in the things they say.

We are not going to be able to change the way the world views people if we hide…..As hard as these moments are I know that we are suppose to be in the world….as people begin to spend time with Samuel they can’t help but love him.  Who knows whose life he will touch or what he will do in the future….I just know that he is leaving a fingerprint on people’s hearts and that is beginning to change people……