Women with epilepsy, who are childbearing potential, and their physicians face difficult decisions about the risks and benefits of antiepileptic drug (AED) use during pregnancy. These decisions need to be addressed prior to pregnancy, as about half of the pregnancies in the USA are not planned. Effective seizure control for the potential mother is extremely […]

Epilepsy affects the lives of millions of people of all ages around the world. It is an unpredictable and potentially devastating group of diseases that can cause seizures, brain injury, and cognitive and psychiatric disabilities. It is an often misunderstood and stigmatized disorder, and as a result many patients may attempt to hide their condition. […]

Often, I feature stories from one of my readers who has been affected by epilepsy. Learn how you can share your story. [framed_box] Grace’s Story: In June 2008, my 10-year old daughter, Grace started to experience epileptic seizures and after months of testing at several hospitals her condition was confirmed as an extremely rare epilepsy […]