About Us

My Epilepsy Story is an organization that serves as a forum to bridge the gap for women and young adolescent girls diagnosed with epilepsy, as well as the children impacted by their mother’s epilepsy by sharing their stories, increasing awareness, and to lead toward cutting-edge research.

We share the stories of women, girls and children living with epilepsy and the ones that have died from epilepsy… all in an effort to find better treatment, a cure, and to increase awareness for women and girl’s health in epilepsy.

Our stories are the only way we will turn the tide for epilepsy awareness and compel more research for this devastating neurological disorder. Your personal story is important to share, whether you are in the group that is responding to treatment, if you are in the group that is not responding to treatment, or if you have lost a loved onefrom epilepsy. Epilepsy affects not only the person living with epilepsy, but the people that love them.

Part of our mission is helping women and girls learn more about each other, their struggles, and their achievements, through our Mosaic story. It’s just four questions, answered on a video that you can shoot directly from your phone.